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Heat Proof Screed 10kg Tub

Heatproof Screed is a cement like material which provides a protective rendering for brick, stone and other vulnerable materials which can be damaged by exposure to heat.
This fully blended composition, with a maximum grain size of 3mm, is mixed with water to a trowelling consistency.
HeatProof screed has a maximum service temperature of 1300 degrees C, which is more than adequate for any domestic application.
20kg will cover approximately 0.45M2 at a thickness of 25mm, with a bulk density of 18.40 kg/M3.
Where to use Heatproof Screed:
HeatProof Screed is used to render over common building materials such as brick, stone, breeze block and concrete, to provide heat protection to an otherwise vulnerable surface.
For example, when opening up fireplace areas, patching incinerators, kilns and barbeques.
How to use HeatProof Screed
It is important to provide maximum keying for HeatProof Screed by raking out any mortar joints to a depth of about 12.5mm and generally roughening the brick or stonework with a sharp tool.
Simply mix Heat Proof Screed with cold drinking water, stirring until a trowelling consistency is achieved.
Apply to exposed surfaces with a trowel or float working from the base upwards to give maximum support.
HeatProof Screed can be applied to a maximum thickness of 50mm, but 25mm will be quite adequate for most applications. The thickness should not be less than 12.5mm.
The rendered surface should be allowed to cure for 24 hours preferably kept cool and wet covering with polythene or wet rags after 6 hours.
The screed should then be allowed to dry out naturally for at least 48 hours before any heat is applied.
Initial heating should be as gentle as possible to allow the remaining moisture to be removed without damage.
Storing unused HeatProof Screed
Any unused Heat Proof Screed can be kept in the tub with the lid tightly replaced and stored in a cool, dry, frost-free place away from children and pets.

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