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Heat Resistant Plaster 12.5kg Tub

Heatproof resistant plaster is a replacement material for gypsum plaster where the temperatures are too high and gypsum plaster would not remain on the wall or would craze and crack.
Heat resistant plaster is a fully blended fine powdered material which is mixed with water to a trowellable consistency.
High temperature smooth finish.
Protection to 500 degrees C
Can be used over Heat Proof Screed
For plastering areas adjacent to heat sources.
12.5kg will cover approximately 1.25 sq metres at the recommended thickness of 5mm
Ensure all surfaces where heat resistant plaster is to be applied are clean and free from grease, dust and dirt.
Where to use Heat Resistant Plaster
Heat resistant plaster can be used on walls and chimney breasts where the temperature is likely to exceed 50 degrees C. It is recommended that Heat resistant plaster is used in conjunction with heatproof screed.
How to use Heat Resistant Plaster.
Remove all old traces of old screed and plaster on the wall to be treated. Prepare the area by coating with PVA and re-render with Heat proof screed prior to skimming with heat resistant plaster.
Mix the plaster with clean water using a mixer drill attachment (it is not possible to mix by hand).
Allow about ten minutes to get the material onto the wall and about an hour trowelling.
Leave for three days to dry naturally before any heat is applied.
Storing and shelf Life
Clean any tools immediately with water.
Heat resistant plaster had a shelf life of 12 months.

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Item Heat Resistant Plaster 12.5kg Tub