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Installation Pack No 501 (501)

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Installation Pack No. 1, ALL YOU NEED IN ONE BOX FOR USE WITH 125mm diameter multifuel flex

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Use this pack when you want to remove the existing chimney pot - and then replace it when the flue liner is installed. You will probably need to install a cowl or terminal for your chimney to offer some weather and bird protection.

1 x Top Plate - Ø 125mm
1 x Top Clamp - Ø 125mm
1 x Top Insert - Ø 125mm
1 x Nose Cone - Ø 125mm
1 x Adaptor to Black Pipe or Single Wall Flue - Ø 125mm
1 x Chimney Notice Plate

Item Installation Pack No 501 (501)
Includes: 125mm Top Plate
Includes: 125mm Top Clamp
Includes: 125mm Top Insert
Includes: 125mm Nose Cone
Includes: Flex Adaptor 125mm - 125mm flue liner
Includes: Chimney Notice Plate.